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Nine - v4.9.4

1. Fixed the issue that drafts mail included two blank lines.

2. Fixed the SMS button not showing in contact on Android 12.

3. Fixed the phenomenon that GAL images aren't showing in Avatar.

4. Fixed the issue where the recipients(To:) and subject disappear when adding attachments

5. Fixed the symptom that the "behalfof" is not displayed in the meeting invitation event.

6. MSAL has been implemented and applied in Nine.

7. Fixed the UI for PublicKey update-related errors in IMAP accounts.

8. Fixed the issue that attachments (0byte) error was attached when received returned mails from a hosting service provider.

9. Fixed the issue where the message is cut off at the insertion point when copying and pasting an email

10. Fixed the issue that the email header covers the top of the message body when there is no header space information.

11. Fixed the problem of inline images appearing as attachments by checking a "cid" as well.