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Nine - v4.9.1

Bug fixes

[-] Fixed the problem of not fetching emails if the sync range is set as only the "All" on some IMAP servers. 

[-] Resolved EML export error issue: fixed the EML error that occurred when a file name is created as an e-mail subject name with unallowable characters.

[-] Fixed a bug where if you edit a calendar event of the Zextra (Zimbra) account in Nine, two events will be created on the server.

[-] Fixed the problem of not being able to open attachments containing characters not allowed in Android.

[-] Fixed an issue where attachments were not visible in s/mime mail.

[-] Fixed an issue where the text at the top of the mail was covered under the header.

[-] Fixed a problem that LTR rather than RTL is applied when the  RTL(Hebrew or Arab) is enabled. 

[-] Fixed other bugs and implemented some performance improvements.