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Nine - v4.9.0 beta

It's an open beta app. You can download and update it from after joining the beta program.

What’s new

[+] We upgraded the ADAL version of Nine to v3.1.2.

[+] Now that Nine can support Android Target API 29.

Bug fixes

[-] Fixed the problem with delivered incorrectly when sending encrypted emails to a distribution list (#122190, 117843).

[-] Fixed the issues where events were displayed in duplicate in the Week Agenda view.

[-] Fixed the problem with saved as the wrong format like "Company (Last ,First)" that inserted a space instead of the comma after the "Last" in the case that you set contacts' filing format as the Company (Last, First) format (#123540).

[-] Fixed the problem related to the summer timezone in the Scheduling Assistant when you create a meeting event (#123982).

[-] Fixed some bugs related to the OkEditor.

  • Changed the implementation related to the blockquote: when entering a blockquote, modified that the blockquote will be canceled when an enter key is inputted on an empty line.    
  • Fixed problems related to the Autolink feature for the numbers. You can release a link of numbers by pressing the Undo key on the toolbar. 
  • Added a blank line between a signature and the message history.    
  • Fixed a problem that the background color was not maintained when entering the enter key.    
  • Improved the scroll functions in the message body.    
  • Fixed problems related to colors when you are in the dark theme of the Composer.    
  • Improved that users can cancel the contents applied the auto-link in a message body through the Undo history.    
  • Fixed a problem occurred when inputting the enter key in API 25 or less.

[-] Fixed other bugs and implemented some performance improvements.