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We are glad to announce that another meaningful version can be released today. In the meantime, HMA(Hybrid Modern Authentication), which was supported by On-Premises Exchange 2013 and 2016, can now be supported by Nine for Android 4.3.0.
By supporting these authentication mechanisms and flows, we are able to support a variety of authentication methods needed to secure the user's data within the Microsoft cloud. In addition, we can already be able to be supported for MFA (2FA / MFA) for services that needed to support 2-step authentication when using Exchange ActiveSync, such as Hotmail (
Due to a major change in support for this authentication method in this version, the interface of Nine's user account configuration screen has become simpler and more intuitive. It's easier than ever to set up your account, not how you need to select and install a lot of parts to be set. Please refer to the list below for details on the addition of the remaining minor functions. Thanks so much for your support, we would like to inform you of the meaningful upgrade of Nine.

If you have been hesitant to upgrade, I hope you will be to take this opportunity to use it as a new Nine with more secure and reliable security certification. Thank you.

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